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1/8" Mosaic Pin #04 Pins Knife Handle Custom Knives Blank Blades Brass Copper Hunting


1/8 1/8 1/8 
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Model: F-MOSAIC-04

Our mosaic pins are hand-crafted by a veteran knife-maker in the USA.

Please note: Our customer service representatives are not be able to measure pin hole sizes or answer pin-related questions about our various knife blanks. Also, the pin hole sizes and locations in our blanks can vary from batch to batch. Thank you for your understanding and respecting this.

As a second note: It is possible to drill any knife blanks pin holes larger (or create your own pin hole locations). You simply need to use drill bits intended for drilling metal, which are capable of drilling through hardened high carbon steel. This method is recommended because you be able will get the exact fit you are looking for when using our mosaic pins.


This mosaic pin is 1/8" in diameter.

You will receive one piece of mosaic pin stock. Each piece comes in approximately 5.8" length.

We use only the highest quality brass, copper and steel.

If your knife handle is 0.75"-0.9" thick, this mosaic piece will make 6 pins when cut, good for several knives.
If your knife handle is 0.95"-1.15" thick, this mosaic piece will make 5 pins when cut, good for several knives.
If your knife handle is 1.2"-1.4" thick, this mosaic piece will make 4 pins when cut, good for several knives.

Our mosaic pins have been vacuum-pumped to remove air bubbles. The resin is pulled in with a high-end vacuum, which pulls the glue down, and removes any small bubbles. The pins are cured afterward and lastly polished and burrs removed.

The center of the mosaic pin is filled with clear epoxy resin. The filling will appear dark when initially received, however light will be able to shine through when you are done cutting this down to small pieces for your knife handle. The transparency will become evident with the smaller length pieces.

You wont get any "rattlers" with our high quality mosaic pins (a "rattler" is where you have loose pieces inside the mosaic pin due to inadequate vacuum pumping out of air bubbles prior to the curing stage).

A penny is shown for a size comparison. Penny not included.

This makes a great holiday gift, Christmas present, gift for your father, mancrate, man crates, father's day gift, surprise for your husband, mens, guys, men, mens gift. It is great for hunting, skinning, camping, hobbyists, do it yourself, diy, outdoors men.

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